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This was a fantastic pixel game, it had an interesting concept that was well-executed. Also the slight movements of the moose in the moon spooked me, the glowey of white gave me the after-lifey vibes. Good job creator!

i love the twist to getting the endings! didnt think me being bad at the game would give me the good ending

and im happy i didnt actually have to remember the phrases "veritas" told me when i died cause there's no way i wouldve survived 💀

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lol i got an (possibly idk) unintended jumpscare when i [spoiler] tried to drag the boar corpse before meeting the second spirit, suddenly getting yoinked by the swamp beast spooked the shit out of me lmao

Very intentional ;)


A mystery lovecraftian game, how I adore these kind of games!!. Loved the story and the monster fights too!! The darkness and eeriness of the forest gave me chills! Nice work!! (Got both ending)


Awesome video! Happy you enjoyed it, and awesome that you took the time to get both endings!

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Great game honestly! The atmosphere was well done and I love the foreshadowing of the moose appearing on the moon for a second whenever he leaves you. The story of the game was very interesting and the good ending was farily satisfying! I appreciate that it wasn't too hard to figure out how to get the evil ending if you've already gotten the good ending, and vice versa. The evil ending does admitedly feel slightly anti climatic, and kinda feels more like a fail-state than a true ending, I think it would have been interesting to see the evil ending expanded on, maybe showing what happened to Eli and showing the chaos Apacheon would have caused. I did unfortunately notice that there were some minor typos in the game, like the wrong use of "you're", but that really doesn't affect the game too much. The game starts to make a lot more sense on a second playthrough which I think is interesting, although the ending is a little heavy on exposition but that's fine. The moose being evil was pretty obvious but I don't think it hurts the experience too much. Overall this is a very cool, short game with an interesting and unexpected story. I recommend it!

hi there, thank you so much for playing! Admittedly, yes, the writing is not perfect and the endings are both quite similar which may make one seem underwhelming. This is my first real game project and, although I did try to create an effective story, I was much more focused on the art- which hopefully explains the lacking writing for anyone who noticed. I really appreciate the feedback and will look through the spelling to try to fix any mistakes! Again, really thank you for playing and taking the time to comment it means a lot to have something I worked so hard on appreciated!

No problem, I'm happy that you found my feedback helpful! I hope to see more games from you in the future!


Ngl I wasn't expect cthu- I mean Veritas to be in the game, (Warning if you haven't finished the game do not read the next) but the moose one was kinda obvious . But if I had to rate this game I would put it as a 9.9/10 because no game can be a 10, but its almost perfection ;-).

Thanks a lot for playing!! Really glad you enjoyed :). But lets make sure not to mention cthu- I mean yeah veritas.

That was pretty fun, I really enjoyed the story and atmosphere! Any chance of a downloadable version?

Glad you enjoyed :). I haven't really thought about making it downloadable but perhaps I will if a few more people seem interested!

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Great game love it.

Six months ago I made a video for the demo version.


Awesome video! Thanks for playing it means a lot when anyone enjoys something I have made :). Seeing these videos people post in the comments make me so happy and make all of the struggle worth it!

My pleasure 

Very well made game with a nice original idea; Loved it!

Thank you so much huggie! Means a lot!

wow complete version!!!

hope you enjoy :) let me know what u think


I got Ending 1, so the other one is more of a secret ending?  also  since I played this game in separate chapters previously, i feel that its difficulty has somewhat decreased in the full version? but yeah overall i enjoyed it, especially the texts that show up in black screen adds to the mystery before the ending reveals the speaker.


Im glad you enjoyed! Yes, the difficulty definitely increased towards the ending to challenge the player :). As for the second ending, I'll leave it for other players to discover!